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Vivianne Pearson


Whether she's strapping up her boots to report to duty or in the best heels a lady can buy, Vivianne takes pride in serving others through beauty, fitness and service. Vivianne Pearson, lives to serve her country, community and family. She is a loving mother of two, a U.S. Army Veteran, activist, fitness competitor, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Vivianne is the founder of ViviCouture ™ Cosmetics, Couture Me Fit™ and VMP Foundation. VMP foundation provides aid and support to both veterans and civilians who've experienced trauma through education and empowerment workshops. Furthermore, her foundation assists non-profit organizations both locally and abroad. Vivianne embodies three core values, which are evident in her personal life and business which are to Educate, Empower, and give back to the Community.